Our Vision

LTB strives to offer the finest quality craftsmanship with intelligent and creative building designs. We provide the highest standards of service and guarantee satisfaction with every project we do.


We are a company of know-how and determination; we strive to make anything possible.

Meet The Team

Matt Laggner

Matt Laggner was lucky enough to have a Master Carpenter as a father, so It should be no surprise that he wound up with such a passion for building.  After receiving a Degree in Architecture from Vermont Technical College, and spending two years working for an architect, he decided that he was destined to be more hands on.  While a career in architecture wasn’t in the cards, his education has proven valuable in the ability to visualize and design both small and large projects.

Outside of work, Matt keeps himself busy on the golf course, making divots with friends.  He also Enjoys spending time outdoors with his Wife and dog Martie.

Andrew Trombley

Andrew is a lifelong Barre town native and has always had a passion for building. Even as a young child he was always constructing something. He graduated from Spaulding High School where he was involved in the Building Trades program. After graduation, he worked in residential building for 3+ years and expanded into Commercial Building for the last 12 years. Over this time, he has fine-tuned his craftsmanship and creative skills. He truly has mastered his craft and become confident in all aspects of building. His eye for detail ensures customers visions become reality.

Whether on the lake or at camp in the woods, Andrew enjoys the outdoors. Favorite activities include hunting, fishing, hockey, spending time with his wife, young daughter and their dog Trigger.

Martie & Trigger

Martie is spoiled rotten by her parents, as well as everybody she meets.  When she isn’t lounging on the couch, she loves to chase the four-wheeler around and just RUN.  She tends to annoy Trigger with all her energy, but they are the best of friends.

Trigger is an old soul and loves lounging in the sun on the warm asphalt more than anything.  It’s not hard to spot his youthfulness however, just throw the lid of a bucket, and be prepared to keep on doing it.

About The Company

L.T. Builders Inc. is a residential building contractor. Whether it be repair work, alterations, or constructing new homes and additions, L.T. Builders has the know-how. Andrew and Matt have been involved in construction for a combined 25 years and have worked together for the last five. From a small one-day project to a full year job, our customers will take comfort in having one of us on site every day. Each project is given our undivided attention, dedication, and imagination.

What services do you provide?

Really, anything that you can imagine!  We pride ourselves in being well versed, and open to all projects.  Part of the fun is not doing the same thing every day.  If you’re not sure, feel free to contact us anyway, if it’s outside our ability we work with many other trades and can help you with your needs.

How far will you travel?

Being in Barre, we are happy to travel anywhere in Central Vermont, and often work In the Waterbury-Stowe area, as well as the Mad River Valley. It never hurts to ask.

I want to do work on my home, but where do I start?

Feel free to contact us at any phase of your project, and we will be happy to help.  We deal with clients who have already worked with an architect and have plans drawn, just as often as clients who simply think they might want to add a bathroom.  In either case we can guide you through the process with as much, or as little help as you need.

My house was damaged in a storm, do you this sort of thing?

Of course.

How do I know If my house has issues and needs repair?

Just asking this question means it’s time to contact us.  We will gladly come out and assess your concerns.  It may be nothing, or it may be a big problem.  The longer you wait the worse it gets, and problems never fix themselves.

I want to make my house more efficient, but where do I start?

Contact us, and we can come take a look.  Each house has unique challenges, and there is never a perfect fix. We would be happy to work with you and give you a few different options that fit your budget.  The key is to strike a balance between spending the money up front and saving on your utility bills.

Do we need permits for our project?

This depends. Sometimes you will have to get them (we’ll walk you through what and how) and other times we can get them for you.

Do you do Plumbing or Electrical work?

No, these are specialty trades that require specific licenses.  However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t help you!  We work daily with these trades and can recommend you to the best!

Are you a general contractor?

Yes, although not in the traditional sense.  We perform most of the work ourselves, but our clients benefit from the fact that we will schedule all the appropriate subcontractors, and deal with vendors to supply all materials.

Will you help us design our project?

Happily, depending on the scale of the project, we love to help brainstorm.  Most people don’t have the ability to visualize things and think outside of the box when it comes to maximizing a space.  Small jobs are easy to complete with a few minimal sketches, larger jobs may require some insight from an architect, or engineer. Remember, “no job too small, no dream too big”.

Let's work together

If you have a creative project in mind, get in contact with LT Builders! When it comes to quality, we are the first you should call.

Laggner Trombley Builders INC.
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Phone: 802-387-0448

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